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It’s amazing how long kitchen cabinets can last. They may outlive the majority of other kitchen fixtures, such as refrigerators, appliances, countertops, and sinks, if properly maintained. Do you also wish to prolong the life of your kitchen cabinets? 

Here are five killer tips for maintaining kitchen cabinets. These are brought to you by the best kitchen cabinet services in Calgary NE, Quality Craft Kitchen Cabinets®.


1. Try Keeping Moisture Away

Kitchen cabinets made of wood do not like moisture. Due to cooking, kitchens are frequently warm and humid. Additional sources of moisture are refrigerators, dishwashers, and kitchen sinks. Additionally, too much moisture might result in long-lasting harm like wood warping or tainted cabinet finishes.

However, by following these advice, you may lessen the impact of dampness on kitchen cabinets:

  • Do not cover cabinet doors with wet dishcloths
  • Any spills? Wipe it up right away and dry any moist cabinets with a soft, clean towel
  • Never put wet dishes or utensils in the cabinet 

2. Clean Them Regularly

The sink, counter, and floor are often the first things that come to mind when you consider routine kitchen upkeep. However, cooking oil, food splatters, and steam also cause the exteriors of kitchen cabinets to get filthy. Keep an eye out for the dirt and crud that food, oil, and sticky fingerprints leave behind to keep your cabinets appearing new and fresh. Along with your typical practice of cleaning the sink, countertops, and floors, wipe down the cabinet exteriors and knobs.

3. Ensure Deep Cleaning

While it may be our intention to maintain a clean kitchen, life—or, let’s face it, procrastination—often gets in the way. You should thus attempt a seasonal deep cleaning of your kitchen, which includes your kitchen cabinets, a few times every year.

4. Refrain From Using Harsh Cleaners

Varnishes and lacquers are used to finish wood cabinets in order to save the underlying wood. Therefore, avoid cleaning anything that can damage or remove the cabinets’ finish, exposing the wood beneath.

Use gentle yet effective cleansers instead, such as Murphy’s Oil Soap or Dawn dishwashing liquid. Additionally, resist the urge to use an abrasive pad on really dirty and sticky locations. Just refrain. That can damage or degrade your cabinets’ finish. These cleansers ought to get rid of all, if not the most, of the oil and grime on your cabinets with a little elbow grease, perseverance, and dedication.

5. Set The Wax Aside

Your cabinets don’t necessarily need to be polished, waxed, or oiled just because they are made of wood. For advice on how to wax and polish your kitchen cabinets, see your owner’s handbook or get in touch with the company that made them.

Some polishes and waxes, particularly silicone-based ones, can accumulate on cabinet surfaces and have the reverse effect of what you want. Certain waxes and oils build up and give the surface a foggy, drab appearance rather than bringing out the shine. You now have the additional duty of cleaning wax build up off your cabinets which appears to be extremely challenging!


Final Thought:

If you too are thinking of getting your kitchen renovated this season, make sure to choose the best kitchen cabinet services in Calgary NE. The cabinet makers that ensure 100% customer satisfaction like Quality Craft Kitchen Cabinets®.

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