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So you’re finally building a new house or remodeling your kitchen. Even without understanding the cabinetry process, knowing what to ask for, and knowing what inclusions you want or need, picking finishes and making judgments is a difficult task for anybody. To assist make your journey a bit less difficult, Quality Craft Kitchen Cabinets®, a team of the finest custom cabinets makers Calgary, has compiled four important questions to ask your cabinet maker.

1. Is Installation Included In My Quote? 

It’s crucial to inquire specifically about what is covered by your price, particularly when it comes to installation. For instance, are appliance supply and installation included in the price? What about lighting, if any? It’s critical to double-check everything to get an exact price and prevent expensive surprises from blowing your budget.

Confirming these specifics in advance will help you prevent unpleasant surprises or disagreements if your cabinet manufacturer is in charge of your entire kitchen project. They’ll typically organize and oversee plumbing, electricity, tiling, and benchtops, as well as waste disposal and a final clean-up.

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2. Are My Cabinets Soft-Close?

Drawers and doors with soft-close hardware close silently and smoothly each time because they are prevented from banging. A soft-close door or drawer will never slam; no matter how hard you try, it always slows down just before shutting and then completes the process quietly. All of your home’s cabinets can employ soft-close hardware, but it will increase the overall cost. Having said that, we couldn’t live without it since, once you’ve tried soft-close, there’s no turning back! Make sure to confirm with your cabinetmaker whether it is mentioned in your kitchen estimate.


3. What Kind Of Handles Is It Equipped With?

Unless you have requested a certain design, your cabinet manufacturer will often provide a variety of handles at various price points, and your estimate will typically include a handle allowance. There are a plethora of designs, dimensions, and hues available. Alternatively, you might pick cabinet finger-pull doors and drawers, which include the creation of a recess so the cabinetry can be opened by pulling the actual cabinet front. The smooth, seamless form of finger pull cabinets may not be as useful for people who have arthritis, joint pain, or diminished hand strength and mobility. Make sure the handle you select fits your needs, your overall design aesthetic, and your budget.


4. Ask Questions About Heights & Finishes?

Although there are a variety of standards, your custom cabinets makers Calgary will often stick to common kitchen heights. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the expensive proportions! Particularly –


  • Benchtop elevations
  • Stairways
  • The height of the cabinets overhead
  • The height of tall cabinetry and how the top will be completed to the ceiling—does the cabinetry have a bulkhead or gap between it and the ceiling, or does it go straight up?


If you’re unsure of what you want, take out your tape measure and measure your present kitchen to ensure that the new heights are appropriate for you. Alternatively, you may download our cheat sheet for kitchen measurements, which contains all the heights and distances you’ll need to IMPLEMENT your new kitchen design.

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