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Do your kitchen cabinets have an outdated vibe? 

No matter how thoroughly you clean your cabinets, they may have seen better days and still appear scuffed and worn. Your cabinets can be the cause of your unhappiness with your kitchen right now. 

The appearance of the space may be totally altered by a new set of custom kitchen cabinets Calgary NE. Still not convinced that the time has come for a change? Here are seven indicators that it’s time to replace your kitchen cabinets.


1. There Is Significant Damage To The Cabinets

Damage, such as apparent dings, dents, or fractures, significantly alters how your kitchen cabinets seem. Not only are cabinets with defects unsightly, but they also reflect negatively on your house.

Water damage is another frequent worry. The presence of mushy or spongy wood should raise suspicion. It indicates that the timber has been harmed and is no longer structurally sound. You might be able to resurface defects if they are merely surface-level. Repairing obvious damage, such as water damage, chipping, or deep gouges, is not possible. It would be better for you to get new cabinets.

2. A Lingering Odor Is Always Present No Matter How Much You Clean Them

Cleaning your kitchen cabinets regularly keeps them looking their best, but sometimes cleaning is insufficient. No amount of washing and polishing will be able to restore the beauty of these cabinets, whether it be due to fading paint or damaged wood. Cabinets deteriorate with time and use. Your cabinets may have reached the end of their useful life depending on their quality. It’s a solid indicator you need new cabinets if you can’t bear the way

3. You’re Always Having Trouble Closing Or Opening Doors

Cleaning your kitchen cabinets makes them appear their best, but sometimes cleaning isn’t enough to make a difference. No amount of washing and polishing will restore these cabinets to their former splendor, whether it is due to fading paint or damaged wood. 

Cabinets become worn out with time and use. Your cabinets can have outlived their usefulness depending on their quality. Your cabinets need to be replaced if you can’t tolerate how they appear any longer.

4. You Want A Completely New Layout

Many homeowners elect to rebuild their cabinets as part of kitchen renovations. And many individuals opt to redesign their kitchens because they need more space or because they want to make the room more functional, maybe by adding additional surface area for food preparation or more storage for cookware and cooking utensils. These ideas frequently call for rearranging the kitchen’s other fixtures and cabinetry.

5. The Cabinets You Have Are Flimsy And Cheap

Your cabinets could be constructed of thin materials. Cabinets are frequently made of MDF, a composite material that contains some party wood but primarily glue and filler stuff and won’t last very long. These cabinets will get better by getting new doors or drawer fronts. The cabinet doors could eventually just come off.

You should replace your cabinets rather than just reface them if they are weak or built of low-quality materials. Otherwise, you’ll eventually run into a lot more issues with your cabinets.

Moving the old cabinets and then just adding new doors and drawer fronts doesn’t really make sense if you want to rearrange your cabinets. 


Bottom Line:

Do any of these red flags seem familiar to you? If so, it’s time to replace the kitchen cabinets. When you see how replacing your old cabinets with new custom kitchen cabinets Calgary NE would transform the appearance and feel of your kitchen, you’ll be so pleased you did!

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