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In the kitchen, it’s often the tiny things that drive us insane. The loose door knobs, nicked door fronts, and banging drawers. If any of them seem similar, have a look at our list of quick and inexpensive kitchen cabinet repairs. Many of the most common kitchen cabinet issues have straightforward fixes. 

So, Quality craft®, the leading maker of custom kitchen cabinets Calgary NE brings to you 5 simple solutions to these and other frequent cabinet problems.

1. Fix Sticking Drawers With Lubricant

A few minutes of cleaning and lubrication may restore drawer slides to near-new condition. Begin by removing the drawers to check the slides. Most drawers may be removed by drawing them completely out, then raising or lowering the front of the drawer until the wheels come out of the track. Wipe the tracks clean and lubricate them lightly with a spray lubricant. Lubricate the rollers and ensure they spin freely.

2. Cut Away Fasteners And Old Glue With A Utility Knife

Don’t put up with a drawer that has a broken corner joint. Repair it before the drawer falls apart. Remove the drawer, then, if feasible, remove the drawer front from the drawer box. The majority of fronts are held in place by a pair of screws located within the box. Remove any nails, staples, or screws from the loose connection, then use a utility knife to scrape away old glue.


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3. Fix Loose Knobs With Glue

Any loose handle or knob is likely to become loose again. Stop this problem for good with a small drop of thread glue like Thread Lok (around $3 at home centers). Don’t worry; if you ever need to change your hardware, the knobs will still come out with a screwdriver.

4. Use Toothpicks And Glue To Fill The Holes Left By Stripped Screws

The screw hole gets stripped when a screw rotates but does not tighten. Here’s a fast fix: Remove the screw and any associated hardware. Dip toothpicks in glue, then insert as many as you can into the hole before breaking them off. Flat or round toothpicks can also work. Wipe any glue drips away with a wet towel right immediately. You don’t need to wait for the glue to cure or drill new screw holes; simply reattach the components by screwing directly into the toothpicks.

5. Touch Up The Stain With A Stain-Filled Marker

Hide superficial scratches or nicks using a stain-filled touch-up marker. Dab on the stain and wipe away the excess with a cloth. However, scratches can absorb a lot of stain and become darker than the surrounding surface. Begin with a lighter marker than your cabinet finish and work your way up to a darker shade if necessary. Use a filler pencil to fill and color deeper scratches.


Kitchen cabinets put in a lot of effort, and all that opening and shutting causes a series of issues. Most are cheap and simple to repair, so set up a day to go through them—it’ll be like having a new kitchen.

If you think it’s time to revamp your kitchen completely, head to Quality Craft, Calgary to get the best custom kitchen cabinets Calgary NE that too at the most budget-friendly cost. Hurry! Get a quote now!

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