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It goes without saying that changes are a part and parcel of life. This is even more practical in the real world where people tend to pick up new or leave behind the old style patterns which are regarded as trends. 

Well, this year too, there are several kitchen design ideas that renowned designers wish to ditch. This is mainly because of the futuristic changes in the architectural science and people’s creative ability to innovate. So, here is a list of 8 designing trends that most likely would be ditched by designers in the coming year. This blog post is brought to you by Quality Craft®, your all-time favourite kitchen cabinet store in Calgary NE.


Particularly when it comes to hardware, more isn’t necessarily better. Oftentimes, larger hardware components come in the way, blocking the passageway. This makes movement more limited. However, this is now being replaced by smaller, smarter hardware which is not only more functional but look visually appealing too.


Multiple steps and curves on cabinet doors attract dust and detract from the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen. As in the modern world, the living standards are improving, masses try keeping kitchen far cleaner. Therefore, there are great chances that homeowners themselves would prefer not to have ornate cabinets. Make your cabinets as simple as you can, even if you’re not needed to have a flat-paneled, contemporary kitchen.


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Although we adore a big, patterned tile, a backsplash in your kitchen isn’t the greatest spot for it. For a period, several Moroccan cement-patterned tiles and color-blocked backsplashes were popular. They date rapidly and appear overly occupied. In 2023, keep your color palette simple and emphasize texture over color and pattern.


It’s not always a good idea to keep everything white. People aren’t frightened of color right now, and kitchens are trending toward a cozier atmosphere. White hence tends to miss its opportunity. Although adding warm components, like as wood hardware, can make white still function, their popularity is predicted to decline.


Brass on brass with another brass component would not mean that things look trendy even in 2023. Some designers choose to select a single finish for everything, including the brass hardware if they have metal legs, cabinet hardware, lighting fixtures, and faucets. That’s like wearing a full outfit from one clothes store in the kitchen.


Dishwashers and refrigerators are not up for discussion because they will always have a role in a kitchen. Instead, experts suggest staying away from tiny built-in kitchen gadgets like coffee makers, toasters, and mixers if you don’t need them. Why? First of all, they give the image of being cluttered. More significantly, technology advances so quickly that by the next year, the most advanced toaster will be obsolete.


This year, farmhouse kitchen décor is being put out to pasture. If you concur, you may choose to forgo the rustic accents, such as white shiplap walls and antique accents, and go for a sleek, modern appearance.


You’ve seen it before: higher cabinets painted one color while the bottom ones are painted another. This trend won’t last long. Being pricey, cabinets should be made with durability in mind. I believe the best course of action is to keep them all the same color in order to ensure that they outlive the trend.



Since investment in kitchen cabinets is a big investment, don’t forget to take the right advice from experts before getting your kitchen designed in the coming year. And, for expert advice visit Quality Craft®, your all-time favourite kitchen cabinet store in Calgary NE.

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