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Kitchen cabinets of the finest quality have to be visually appealing and offer useful, simple storage for at least twenty or thirty years. 

However, many customers report cabinet difficulties far earlier than this, including warped boxes, crooked doors, decaying drawers, scraped and dented faces, and loose hinges. 

These issues are caused by the poor cabinet construction. Low-quality cabinets not only cause problems for homeowners in terms of functionality and appearance, but they also result in higher-than-expected installation and maintenance expenses. 

Look for the following qualities of well-built, high-quality kitchen cabinets in Calgary NE to choose wisely and prevent issues in the future.


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1. Cabinets Must Have Full-Height Rear Panels

The strongest cabinet construction employs a full-back panel made of hefty (3/8-inch or greater), full-plywood. This panel enables the cabinet to be fastened directly to the wall studs at any place along the cabinet’s rear. 

With them, there is no need for hanging rails because the plywood is strong from top to bottom and from side to side. The back will often remain intact without extra reinforcements if a cut must be made to accommodate wiring or piping.

2. They Must Have Soft-Close Hinges

In a high-quality cabinet hinge, the nickel-plated, hardened steel hinge is equipped with a gentle closing mechanism. In order for the hinges to be changed as cabinet doors expand and contract due to seasonal changes, they should be movable in six different directions: in, out, up, down, left, and right. Both of these hinges have been tested and found to meet or surpass the international standards for hinges that can withstand continuous use.

3. They Should Contain Face Frames

Framed cabinets have a sturdy wooden frame attached to the front. The frame is where drawer glides and door hinges are connected. Frameless cabinets have doors that are attached directly to the cabinet box walls. The two building techniques have quite distinct visual characteristics, and their strength and stability might differ greatly as well. The cost of installation is often higher for frameless cabinets.

4. They Must Have The Ability To Customize And Modify

Customized cabinets provide a wide range of options for sizes, designs, and specialist features that are adapted to the particular requirements and available space in your kitchen. While totally bespoke cabinet makers are more expensive, many homeowners feel that stock manufacturers provide too few types and sizes. A semi-custom cabinet can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Semi-custom cabinets that have been modified offer a variety of sizes, styles, and specialized cabinets at a fair price. The company starts with a basic cabinet line to save production costs and constructs each kitchen as a unique project. High levels of customization are possible through modifications, however these costs are only applicable to certain cabinet pieces.

5. It Should Offer A Lifetime Warranty And Should Be Industry-Certified

The guarantee provides you a hint about how much the manufacturer is ready to stand behind their product, even if it may not directly speak to the quality of the cabinet itself. There is a sense of confidence in the quality of a cabinet if it is backed by a lifetime warranty. You can determine what it implies for yourself if they provide no warranty. Low-quality cabinets frequently deteriorate after five to ten years of use. Their warranties could have ended by then. Given that kitchen cabinets are among the most costly home furnishings you will ever buy, a lifetime guarantee may provide you with the peace of mind you need to know that your cabinets will last for the whole time you live there.

Now, find all these great features in your kitchen cabinets in Calgary NE. Come buy the most premium and durable yet stylish kitchen cabinets at Quality Craft Kitchen Cabinets®.

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