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Kitchens used to be hidden workspaces in every house, but today they’re the rooms where we spend a lot of time in. Not only do we are required to prepare food in it or accommodate the occupants but also they must be a    

stylish space where we could enjoy standing in. The décor of the kitchen must blend nicely with the eating and leisure rooms because they are frequently a zone in an open-plan kitchen, diner, and living space.

Following 9 stages can help you achieve your goal of a great kitchen design that meets all of your expectations, whether you’re working alone or with professional assistance.


  • Choose the right room to be turned into a kitchen

What millennials actually go wrong with is the beginning. By this, I mean most of them do not consider the things they should before opting for the room to be turned into a kitchen area. Consider what are you going to use your kitchen for: like would it include the dining area or would the dining area be separate? Similarly, also consider the main elements that you will be including in your kitchen in order to create a place that meets all your requirements.

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  • Decide the color theme of the kitchen as per your taste

White is the most common color for kitchens, followed by cream, off-white, and light grey. This is a good choice if you want your kitchen to serve as a blank canvas for you to add your own color and personality in decor while maintaining a classic kitchen design that won’t date and is simple to redecorate around in the future.


  • Consider the appliances you want to include in your kitchen

The next step ought to be considering the appliances that you want to house in your kitchen. This step is crucial because it will decide how much space will these appliances take up and how much will be your working area. Then you can consider making a draft floor plan for your new kitchen.


  • Consider the type of cabinetry to be housed

Depending upon the theme, you must then decide the type of cabinets you would like to see in your kitchen. Now, there is a wide variety of cabinets from handleless to bar to pantry cabinets that you must choose from on the basis of your storage requirements and space available. Avail best kitchen design services in Calgary to make the most out of your expenses.


  • Think about the table tops considering the space left

Your kitchen countertops should fit both your likes and your budget. At the low-cost end of the market, laminate may mimic other materials and is simple to maintain. Despite having a warm appearance and a pleasant feel, wood does require routine maintenance. Each piece of natural stone has its own character and can seem magnificent. It has to be sealed. Composites created by humans are durable and simple to maintain. But don’t rule out other strange materials. Glass is striking as a work surface, concrete and concrete-like quartz may be lovely and tinted in addition to the anticipated hue, and stainless steel will provide a professional appearance.


  • Gather kitchen design ideas online

Go through your favorite magazines, or surf the internet and choose a few good ideas that can help you create a customized, dream kitchen of yours.


  • Consider the best layout for your kitchen

Once your list is complete, and you have gathered ideas, you may start creating a layout. It’s critical to comprehend the available space while designing a kitchen. Make scale drawings of your kitchen’s layout by availing best kitchen design services in Calgary, an architect, or an architectural technologist, or use graph paper and do it yourself. 


To ensure the greatest possible flow between your kitchen, outdoor area, and the rest of your house, mark the precise placement (to scale) of all interior and exterior doors and windows. If you’re constructing an open-concept kitchen, for instance, you must take zones into account in your layout.


  • Choose the materials to be used

The majority of this will depend on your budget, but investing in the highest-quality kitchen you can afford can increase the value of your house. Additionally, it should go without saying that your kitchen may endure longer if you use higher-quality materials like Hardwood, Plywood, or Fibreboard.


  • Design a kitchen lighting scheme to suit your space

If you’re committed to effectively designing a kitchen, consider kitchen lighting early on. Whether the kitchen is in a separate room or is a part of an open-concept space, ambient, task, and accent lighting should all have a place in the lighting design.

Working with hot meals and sharp knives requires adequate ambient light in the kitchen. Wall lights can be used in addition to ceiling spotlights. Work surfaces, the kitchen island, and the sink area should be well-lit. It has directional ceiling lighting and under-unit lights. Pendants for islands or a dining table can serve as accent lighting, as can LEDs placed beneath fixtures to give the impression that they are floating.



To wrap up, it could be said that instead of doing so much work, it would be wiser to avail one of the best kitchen design services in Calgary by Quality Craft Kitchen Cabinets.

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