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Your white kitchen countertop is one of the many things that you get to brag to your friends when they come to your house for dinner or to spend some quality time with. We know you spent a lot of money on your kitchen, but you need to make sure that it stays clean all the time. It sounds hard right? Considering that the countertop is white and white get stains pretty fast?

Do not worry, Kitchen Renovations in Calgary got some tips in mind that can help you keep your white countertops clean all the time and look like they are new and shiny once your friends or relatives come over for some food or for some quality time.

Kitchen Renovations in Calgary

3 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your White Countertops Clean All The Time

  1. Use Surf To Clean Up

Surf or any clothing washing powder is a great alternative to clean up the stains that are present in your white countertops in your kitchen. This is a good thing to use for monthly clean-ups. Also, it will also help you give a good smell in your kitchen.

To do:

  • Drop some powder over the counter
  • Add very small water (enough to make bubbles)
  • Use a brush to rub over the stain
  • Clean with a clean cloth
  • Use the wet cloth over
  • Let it dry


  1. Avoid Using Food Colorings

Food colorings and spices such as turmeric are very hard to clean on white countertops once they fall over them. This is a very hard thing to clean, so the best thing you can do is avoid using them straight over them. Instead, put a cloth under the bowl that you are using and pour-over. You could also do it directly over the stove.

  1. Use Vinegar And Baking Soda

Another thing that you want to do is use vinegar and baking soda. Try to use this in order to remove dirt and keep your belongings safe all the time. Remember, you want to brag about your white countertops once your friends and family come over! Watch videos on YouTube for this one and you will surely make it happen!

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