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Are your broken kitchen cabinets irking you?
And, are you really fed up with broken locks, sagging door hinges, and squeaky drawers?

Try these following easy fixes brought to by QUALITY CRAFT KITCHEN CABINETS’, a Calgary-based team of wood carpentry experts that believes in facilitating Quality kitchen renovations in Calgary:



  • On Misaligned Doors, Adjust The Hinges:

Quality kitchen renovations in Calgary

Euro hinges are designed in a way that they can be adjusted easily. Adjust the depth screw if the door isn’t flush with the doors around it. This screw allows you to open or close the door. As you turn some depth screws, the door moves. The majority of the time, though, you must loosen the screw, move the door in or out, and then tighten the screw.


In the absence of depth screws, start with the side screws. These are used to shift the door from one side to the other. To adjust the side screw, you may need to loosen the depth screw slightly.



  1. Adjust Or Change Cabinet’s Roller Or Magnetic Catches:

Quality kitchen renovations in Calgary

Self-closing hinges are standard on most contemporary cabinets. Magnetic or roller catches are used in some cases. A damaged or out-of-adjusted catch is preventing a door from closing properly. 


Adjustment is straightforward, although you may need to re-adjust the catch a few times before getting it precisely right. Tighten the screws after loosening them, moving the catch in or out. 



  1. Replace Any Worn-Out Drawer Sliders With New Ones:



  Quality kitchen renovations in Calgary

Replacement is the ideal remedy if slides are bent, rollers are damaged, or rollers will not turn even after lubrication. Purchase new slides that are similar (or almost identical) to the old ones to keep the project easy. It’s then a simple matter of unscrewing the old and screwing on the new to replace it. Take a drawer track and a cabinet track with you when you go shopping. Slides range per drawer at very nominal rates in hardware stores.



  1. Glue Any Loose Knobs:



         Quality kitchen renovations in Calgary



If a handle or knob comes loose once, it will most likely come loose again. With a single dab of thread glue, you can put an end to this problem for good. Don’t panic; the knobs will still come out with a screwdriver if you need to change your hardware in the future.


  1. Use Glue And Skewers Or Tooth Picks To Fill Holes:

Quality kitchen renovations in Calgary


The screw hole gets stripped when a screw rotates but does not tighten. Here’s an easy fix: Remove the screw as well as any other hardware. Dip toothpicks in glue and cram as many as possible into the hole before breaking them off. 

Toothpicks, both flat and round, can be used. With a wet towel, wipe up any glue drops as soon as possible. You don’t need to wait for the adhesive to cure or drill new screw holes; simply replace the hardware by screwing it directly into the toothpicks.



  1. Repair nicks and scuffs :


Quality kitchen renovations in Calgary   


If you have shallow scratches or nicks, use a stain-filled touch-up marker to cover them up. Using a cloth, dab on the stain and wipe away the excess. Scratches, on the other hand, can absorb a lot of stains and become darker than the surrounding gloss. So start with a lighter marker than your cabinet finish and work your way up to a darker shade if necessary. Use a filler pencil for deeper scratches, which fills and colors the scratch.



All in all, it’s not always that you need to hire woodworkers to fix tiny issues that can be resolved at home itself. The blog recommends a few of them along with illustrations and directions and is powered by QUALITY CRAFT KITCHEN CABINETS LTD., a team that purely believes in Quality kitchen renovations in Calgary. If any of you have any suggestions, do mention them in the comment section down below.

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