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The design & style of your kitchen will ultimately be defined by the kitchen cabinets you pick. Before you choose cabinets, think about the differences and benefits of the many types, categories, and designs accessible to you.

This blog discusses all of them and provides information and ideas to assist you in picking which kitchen cabinets to use in your makeover that are directly sourced from custom cabinet makers in Calgary.

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#1. Handle-less Kitchen Cabinets: 

Cabinets with traditional handles or knobs have become outdated. As time passes, you need to move with time and trends. In the present day & age, the best way to get a sleek, contemporary design for your kitchen is to go with handleless cabinets. It might seem like the minimalist approach which doesn’t have to be boring. Push-to-open island cabinet doors are firmly in the limelight here.

#2. Steel Covered Kitchen Cabinets: 

Stainless steel is the epitome of elegant and contemporary design. Even in their country kitchens, most homeowners choose stainless steel equipment. Steel kitchen cabinets are a great way to bring this look entirely up to date.

Stainless steel cabinet doors will transform your kitchen into a stunning modern haven. Aside from the high-end appearance, stainless steel cabinets have significant drawbacks. The downside is obvious: fingerprints and the possibility of damage. Some stainless steel fabrications, on the other hand, claim to be very resistant to these annoyances.

#3. Floating Shelves

Clean lines are the essence of contemporary design. What better way to create a clean, open floor plan than to remove kitchen cabinets and replace them with floating shelves? Floating shelves give clean, straight lines to any modern or contemporary space. The majority of homeowners choose this style for their top cabinets and closed cabinetry doors for the rest of their kitchen. This makes it possible to store all of those unattractive gadgets and utensils. A few wooden floating shelves, together with a glass backsplash or gleaming subway tile backsplash, will transform your kitchen from drab to stunning!

#4. Choosing Base Drawers for more space

If literally lack space in your kitchen, try a very different style of cabinetry. In fact, use base drawers that would help you store heavier and larger, and fragile items that would not fit into a regular shaker cabinet. 

#5. Louvered

Louvered kitchen cabinets have horizontal wooden slats and are rather expensive. Louvered cabinets provide a unique look to kitchen cabinetry, with a pattern that is commonly found on windows, furniture, and interior doors.

Because most louvered doors feature openings between each slat, louvered cabinets are ideal for places that require ventilation, according to Quality Craft Kitchen Cabinets, custom cabinet makers in Calgary. When shopping for doors to a cabinet near a radiator, a pantry cabinet, or clothes drying cabinet in a laundry room, keep this in mind.

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