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Kitchen cabinets are subjected to more water sprinkles, steam, and other potentially harmful factors than cabinets in other sections of the house. Because of the wear and tear that kitchen cabinets are subjected to, they frequently need to be updated before other cabinets in your home are fitted. 

Here, ‘Quality Craft’, the Quality Kitchen Renovations in Calgary mentions five signals that you should replace your cabinets rather than reface them.

Quality Kitchen Renovations in Calgary

1. Visible Water Damage

Are your cabinets bloated, unable to close correctly, or displaying dark colour spots? If this is the case, you may be dealing with water damage. Because most kitchen cabinets are made of wood, water damage is a strong possibility. Water can readily destroy wood, and there is usually a lot of water in your kitchen, especially if you have a leak at someplace.

Water-damaged cabinets can be repaired in some cases. However, not the ones that are completely damaged or are worn out. Here are signs of more serious water damage like:

  • The wood has begun to distort.
  • On the interior or exterior, cabinets are bursting at the seams.
  • The exteriors are being de-laminated.
  • Wood has begun to blacken or change colour in different ways.
  • Mould is visible in the cabinets.
  • Cabinets do not properly open and close.

2. Frustrating Overall Function

If the general function of your cabinets isn’t working for you, it’s a hint that you should replace them rather than fix them. No matter how nice your cabinets seem after they’ve been refinished, if they don’t perform properly, you’ll be wishing for a makeover.

3. “Soft” Cabinets

Have your cabinets started to sag? Do the sides of your cabinet walls feel soft to the touch? If this is the case, your cabinets are severely damaged and will soon come apart. The sides of your cabinets are crucial; if they aren’t in good shape, it’s pointless to spend money on cosmetic improvements.

4. Cabinets Have Gone Moldy

Mold may form on a variety of surfaces, including the cabinets in your kitchen. Mold can be cleaned up and halted if detected early on, but if left undiagnosed, it will continue to grow and deteriorate. Mold may harm not just the overall integrity of your cabinets, but it can also harm you and your family’s health in huge numbers. Mold is frequently formed by a water leak, so as soon as you see mold, you should locate the source of water to prevent the problem from recurring.

5.  The Cabinet Box Is In Poor Condition

If the cabinet box is too worn to re-drill new holes or install new hinges, the cabinet box’s structure will be insufficient to hold new cabinet doors. Your complete cabinet box has to be replaced if you can’t work with the present wood; otherwise, you risk spending a lot of money trying to make futile repairs. Before you go out and buy new doors or sand down and refinish existing ones, be sure the wood can handle extra holes and hinges.


A Few other signs include the following:

  •        If your cabinets are difficult to reach and need removing objects to reach goods tucked down in the back.
  •        If the cabinets do not open properly. For example, if you open two cabinet doors at the same time and they crash shut.
  •       The drawers do not open without becoming stuck, generating an unusual noise, or causing a problem. 
  •       This indicates that there is more harm under the surface. 


Whom to approach for getting the kitchen cabinets remodeled?

It would be wiser to hire a professional kitchen cabinet designer having considerable experience in word carpentry. If you are in Calgary in Alberta, Canada, you must give a shot to this incredibly creative team of experts called ‘Quality Craft’ for Quality Kitchen Renovations in Calgary.

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