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Kitchen countertops are the ideal workhorses of culinary spaces, keeping jars and utensils, and enduring the daily dance of mealtime rituals. However, It can be difficult to choose which of the numerous options on the market to install for your kitchen.

Uncountable designs, quality, and material-based kitchen counters that are readily available to buy. Before selecting a suitable one for your kitchen, it is suggested by experts to consider its installation ease, appearance, resistance, cost, durability, and maintenance requirements.

Custom Cabinet Makers in Calgary

Professional Quality Craft Kitchen Cabinets, renowned as custom cabinet makers in Calgary, have analyzed kitchen counters that are stunning, durable, and suitable for various kitchen interiors. They have suggested suitable types of countertops for your kitchen. Here is a guide revealing the best kitchen countertops based on various aspects.

Countertops with Marble

Marble is a high-end kitchen countertop that provides classic and timeless aesthetics. Installation of marble guarantees lifetime durability with low maintenance costs. 

There is a wide range of colours and patterns available in marble. It is the most appreciated material used in countertops of Kitchens. Its qualities make it heat- and crack-resistant. A few drawbacks that marble adds to your kitchen are that marble will easily stain and get scratched. It is a premium-priced stone that requires annual sealing. 

Personalised Your Kitchen Countertop with Granite

Compared to marble, granite has equal durability features, making it a top choice to install for kitchen countertops. Their ability to resist abrasive damage, heat, and other impacts has made them a first choice for consumers.

If maintained properly and taken care of regularly, granite will last longer for years. As it is a porous natural stone, homeowners need to apply new sealant once every three to five years. Though it is heavy and difficult to install, it comes in many colours and patterns to choose from. 

Get a Soft Look Kitchen Countertops with Soapstone

Deciding to buy a soapstone for your kitchen countertop is an intelligent decision, as it will always keep the cook’s room stains-free. It is a non-porous, naturally occurring stone that has balanced talc, furnishing a soft texture to the kitchen surface. 

Its installation adds the benefit of heat, scratch, dents, and bacteria resistance, keeping your maintenance costs low. Experts share that it does not let bacteria grow because it is naturally chemically inert. Homeowners love to pick from a variety of soapstone shades that have a green or blue undertone.

Add a Touch of Nature with Wood or Butcher Block

Interior designers guide homeowners to go for countertops composed of teak, ash, maple, or oak wood, enhancing your kitchen’s overall aesthetics. Don’t think wood countertops with Butcher Block are not durable; in fact, they stand up for years of use without failing. It is an inexpensive material that has a fibrous nature. 

Years after installing it, you may experience minor scratches and stains. To overcome this, you may need to polish, sand, and reseal the wood after two or three years. Wooded countertops prevent the growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew, keeping you healthy.

Get a Natural Stone Appearance with Quartz (Engineered Stone)

Another ideal option recommended by experts is engineered stone quartz. Quartz is a composition of natural quartz chips with colour and resin. This man-made product is harder than granite but comes in less natural stone patterns. 

Its robust material makes it hard to scratch and stain-free. Like other stones, it does not need to be sealed or maintained. However, it is quite expensive compared to granite and marble. Keep it away from direct sunlight, as it can fade in direct sunlight. 

Final Words

At Quality Craft Kitchen Cabinets, we aim to inform our customers about kitchen cabinets and the most sought-after countertop materials. 

If you have any requirements to design your kitchen or renovate it, we are always available to provide the best service. Choosing the custom cabinet makers in Calgary will not bother you if you give us a chance to serve you the best service.


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