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The kitchen cabinets in our home take the most wear. Grease, spills, and food spatter accumulated cause cabinets to become dull and discolored. However, properly cared for kitchen cabinets may endure an amazing 50 years! As homeowners on a tight budget, we are constantly searching for methods to prolong the life of the parts of our house. In order to ensure that we can continue to enjoy our kitchen cabinets for years to come, Team Quality Craft who specialize in producing kitchen cabinets in Calgary NE is offering these 4 straightforward ways to get rid of foul smell coming out of your kitchen cabinets.


Kitchen Cabinets in Calgary NE


  1. Avoid Moisture

Kitchen cabinets made of wood do not like moisture. Due to cooking, kitchens are frequently warm and humid. Additional sources of moisture are refrigerators, dishwashers, and kitchen sinks. Additionally, too much moisture might result in long-lasting harm like wood warping or tainted cabinet finishes. However, by following these advice, you may lessen the impact of dampness on kitchen cabinets:

  • Avoid covering cabinet doors with wet dishcloths (my grandma did this)
  • Any spills? Wipe it up right away and dry any moist cabinets with a soft, clean towel
  • Never put wet dishes or utensils in the cabinet 
  • Consider shelf liners to help prevent moisture build up in your cabinets or drawers 


  1. Keep Them Clean

You probably think about the sink, counter, and floor when considering routine kitchen upkeep. However, cooking oil, food splatters, and steam also cause kitchen cabinet exteriors to get soiled. Keep an eye out for the dirt and crud that food, oil, and sticky fingerprints leave behind to keep your cabinets appearing new and fresh. Along with your typical practice of cleaning the sink, countertops, and floors, wipe down the cabinet exteriors and knobs.


  1. Freshen up your Cabinets with lemons

The scent from your kitchen cabinets cannot be eliminated by just cleaning them with a dry towel. Lemons save the day once more! Lemons are cut in half, and the juice is squeezed into half a cup of water. Pour the water and the squeezed halves into a glass basin, and then use a towel gently dipped in the solution to wipe the cabinet. Lemon halves are another option that you may retain and use as air fresheners.


  1. Use Cabinets Appropriately

First thing to be considered here is that no open food items like a bunch of banana or fruits or some other eatables should be kept inside the cabinets. This is mainly because these food items rot soon and produce nasty odor. Keeping them out in open or after covering them in cling film and storing them in the fridge is the most feasible solution to this. If things are even worse than this, then there is no option but to look for highly durable kitchen cabinets in Calgary NE.


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