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Welcome to the heart of the home i.e. Kitchen! It’s a space where culinary magic happens; for many families, it’s also a hub of activity.

If people have little ones running around, they surely know how important it is to create a safe and kid-friendly environment by choosing kids-friendly hinges from the best available kitchen cabinet store in Calgary NE like Quality Craft Kitchen Cabinets.

It’s because only then they will be able to get away from facing all kinds of problems & people will surely consider the overlooked fact and use childproof cabinet hinges.

But still, people ignore the usage of these that may cause problems for them. To let them know about this, we came up with this helpful blog.

Before that, let’s see what cabinet hinges are:

What are Cabinet Hinges?

Cabinet hinges are the hardware components that enable the rotation and movement of doors attached to cabinets. They serve as a pivotal point for the door, allowing it to swing open and close. These hinges even play a crucial role in the functionality of cabinets, contributing to ease of access, durability, and overall aesthetics.

There are many different hinges available to make the kitchen more better place not only for people but also for kids. So, let’s analyze them:

  1. Soft-Close Hinges

At first, let’s start with a game-changer – soft-close hinges. If people get these installed for their kitchen cabinets from the best kitchen cabinet store in Calgary NE then they will get spared from the slammed doors problem. It’s because these hinges gently guide cabinet doors to a close, & prevent kids’ & elders’ fingers from getting caught and resulting in minimizing noise. These hinges are not only kid-friendly but also adult-approved for their subtle elegance.

  1. Magnetic Latches

Magnetic latches are a discreet yet effective way to keep curious hands at bay. These childproof wonders use magnets to keep cabinet doors securely closed, making it a challenge for even the most determined little explorers. But, this would be easy for the adults to open as they just have to pull with a bit of force.

  1. Push-to-Open Hinges

This is one of the best options that people can choose to install & can goodbye to handles and knobs altogether. This is because these hinges allow a hands-free cabinet experience & kids would get safety from troubling their hands with wounds. A gentle push on the door is all it takes to access the kitchen essentials which only adults will know & further adds a sleek, modern touch to the kitchen aesthetic.

  1. Angle Restriction Hinges

For cabinets that store potentially hazardous items, angle restriction hinges offer an added layer of safety. These hinges limit the opening angle of the cabinet door, preventing little ones from reaching inside or accidentally pulling heavy items onto themselves. One of these options people can opt for while choosing the hinges for their kitchen is to make it kid-friendly.

Bottom Line

The information gives this idea that the kitchen needs to be a space where the whole family including kids can feel comfortable & safe.

For this, they can opt for any of these and other available options from the best cabinet stores like Quality Craft Kitchen Cabinets & prioritize child’s safety & also make that place a more functional and enjoyable place for everyone. 

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