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When it comes to maximizing the storage capacity of your kitchen and wanting to remain away from the excess clutter in the kitchen, Lazy Susan cabinets are the best assortments. 

If you ask any kitchen cabinet design Calgary expert, to suggest the most efficient and practical kitchen cabinets, then they would recommend the Lazy Susan ones. 

In this blog, we will discuss everything about this cabinet range, including its types, and the potential benefits of installing the same in your kitchens. So, let’s deep dive into it. 

Lazy Susan Cabinets: How Do They Look? 

Lazy Susans are one of the terrific additions to any kitchen. The cabinets have a spinning mechanism which makes it easy for users to retrieve their kept things inside easily, even if the things are hard to reach. The shelves are 360 degrees rotating as a full circle for easy access to corners and for enhanced storage capacity. 

Types Of Lazy Susan

#1 Kidney Shaped 

The first type is kidney-shaped which is cut out and is triangular. One can take advantage of otherwise wasted space in the corners of the cabinets with these kidney-shaped lazy susan. 

#2 D Shaped 

Another type that is used is D-shaped cabinet assortments. With this shape, it becomes ideal to put in the pantry items for easy access. One side is rounded and the other side is straight. 

#3 Full-round shaped 

Full-round size is the most common Lazy Susan type. This one version of lazy Susan’s has excess storage capacity and can accommodate mass kitchen essentials like pots and pans, store flour, sugar, oats, and so on. 

Benefits Of Getting Lazy Susan Cabinets Built In Your Kitchens 

  1. Easy Access to Corner Items 

One of the fabulous benefits of these cabinets is that the dweller can easily have access to corner items that were previously hard to reach. You can just rotate the corners easily to get the item you want. 

The things that were blind to the eyes when we used traditional cabinets can easily be traced if we used 360-degree view cabinets. 

  1. Enhanced Kitchen Design 

Apart from just the finest practicality these storage assortments offer, the cabinets also elevate kitchen beauty. The types are available in different finishes, materials, and styles that complement different kitchen decor from modern, and minimalistic to traditional. 

  1. Flexible Shelving 

You can change the height of the shelves in lazy susan cabinets also to make excess room for kitchen objects of different sizes. Apart from this, you can alter the shelves to make the ideal storage solution for your requirements, whether you are storing tall bottles, large appliances, or little jars. 

  1. Good For Flaunting Food Essentials 

Lazy Susans are the best for flaunting the general food essentials too such as keeping the spices, sauces, dips, different types of flour, and so on. This makes your kitchen look more organized, cluttered, and attractive too for your kitchen visitors. 

  1. Gives a modern look to the kitchen 

By installing these specific kitchen cabinets, one can give the kitchenette a great appearance of modernity and flexibility. One can get the lazy Susan kitchen cabinets designed in different ways as defined above and can also limit overstocking in the kitchen. 

These features give your kitchen a more modernistic and minimal aesthetic feel. 

Final Thoughts 

So, these were some of the impeccable benefits of Lazy Susan cabinets one can enjoy. Use the cabinets to make your kitchen look eye-pleasing, decluttered, and clean which is the dream of many. 

Get these cabinets designed by availing of kitchen cabinet design Calgary services from Quality Craft Kitchen Cabinet professionals. 

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