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Have you ever got your place renovated but left out the heart of the house: the kitchen? Most likely the answer would be no. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen this fall, don’t forget to consider the 5 latest trends in kitchen cabinetry. This article is presented to you by Quality Craft, the most reputed NE Calgary kitchen designers.

1. Open Frame Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet doors with open frames are a wonderful compromise between open shelves and conventional cabinets. Inside, your kitchenware is displayed on glass panels. Every kitchen used to have a couple of these in order to exhibit fine china or barware, but nowadays, many individuals utilize this 2022 kitchen cabinet trend on a daily basis. As the perception of open space increases the openness of larger, brighter kitchens, this kitchen cabinet design pairs well with more light and bright kitchens.

Depending on the layout of the kitchen and the cabinet hardware, open-frame kitchen cabinets may appear more modern or classic.

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2. Slab Door Cabinets

Slab cabinet doors are extremely sleek and contemporary. Some doors lack even door handles or knobs since they are so slim! Kitchen cabinets with slab fronts have flat, frameless surfaces and occasionally a glossier coating.

Slab cabinet doors with a glossy surface or a wood finish are widely available in retailers nowadays. It follows the minimalist design fad. These cabinets are a fantastic option to update your kitchen, and smaller areas seem to like them the most. The modern kitchen of your dreams is just a subtle backsplash, counter, and floor away.


3. Transitional Kitchen Cabinets

The phrase “transitional design style” can be quite ambiguous and subjective. The blending of traditional and modern elements is the essence of transitional style. It involves updating or modernizing more classic aesthetics by combining them with more contemporary items.

Modern shaker cabinets combined with more traditional open-frame display cabinets might be considered transitional kitchen cabinets, as can more conventional cabinet designs with contemporary hardware.

Maintaining a more classic aesthetic in your kitchen while keeping it from seeming out of date is easy with transitional kitchen cabinets.


4. White Kitchen Cabinets (Evergreen)

Why are white cabinets so popular? They’re contemporary, sleek, and have a tendency to open up a room that would otherwise feel cramped and dark. A lot of popular styles, like farmhouse kitchen designs, go nicely with white cabinets.

White-cabinet kitchens are quite adaptable in terms of style; they may be dressed up for a high-end look or more rustic for a kitchen in the country.


5. Two-Toned Cabinets

The best of both worlds is offered by two-toned kitchen cabinetry. Two-toned kitchen cabinets are often constructed with lighter-colored base cabinets and white top cabinets.

I’ve seen the more common grays and blues for bottom cabinets, but base cabinets in canary yellow, mint green, and dark purple have also started to appear with two-toned designs. The white upper cabinets provide just the right amount of contrast and neutrality to let your base cabinets use stronger colors without making the room appear too busy.

If you have any other ideas regarding the style of kitchen cabinets that would go well with the latest trends, let quality craft, the best NE Calgary kitchen designers, turn these ideas into reality.

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