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Do These Things to Take Good Care of Your Newly Installed Kitchen Cabinets

When you have new custom cabinets placed in your kitchen, you probably want to make sure they look great for years to come. While some of this is due to being cautious when using them and cleaning them on a regular basis, it goes a little deeper than that. If having spotless kitchen cabinets is a priority for you, there are several things you should incorporate into your routine to ensure attractive cabinets now and in the future.

A few of them are described below:

1. Clean The Properly Right After Installation

When your new custom cabinets are finished, clean them from end to end and top to bottom with a moist, soft cloth. After that, use a separate dry towel to soak up any remaining water from the initial cleaning. When wiping the cabinets, make sure to wipe in the direction of the wood grain.

Following cleaning, apply a thin coat of high-quality polish to the cabinets. The polish you pick should not contain wax or silicone, and it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s application instructions. Polishing the new custom cabinets is important since it protects them from stains, excess moisture, and tiny scratches.


kitchen renovation

2. Avoid Exposure To Excessive Moisture

Moisture is the number one cause for destroying the finish on your cabinets. This type of damage is more likely to occur in cabinets near the baseboards, the sink, or the dishwasher. Make careful to clean up any wetness as soon as you discover it. Another recommendation is to avoid draping damp towels over doors, which can cause more wetness. Avoid leaving a coffee maker in a position where the steam vents onto the cabinet.

3. Keep Them Away From Too Much Light

Direct sunlight may also rapidly harm your new custom cabinets, especially if they are made of natural wood. If you have laminated or painted wood cabinets, direct sunlight can cause fading, which reduces the color vitality of your cabinets. Install shades or drapes on any windows that enable direct sunlight to enter your cabinets. This will go a long way toward maintaining your custom cabinets in good condition.

4. Refrain From Placing Rubber Or Plastic On Cabinets

If you are utilizing rubber or plastic serving ware or other materials, they should not be put directly on the custom wood cabinets. The substances in these things can react with the wood and cause harm. Other things to avoid with your new custom cabinets are abrasive cleansers, rough cleaning equipment, and harsh acids.

5. Get Rid Of Scratches And Nicks

The firm that installs your custom cabinets may be able to give you with a touch-up kit for scratches and other defects. This will assist you in maintaining the look and feel of your cabinets while eliminating any ugly spots. If you just remodeled your kitchen or installed new custom cabinets, a touch-up kit will provide you with the things you need to address minor flaws.

Bottom Line:

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