How to Get Unique design of Kitchen Cabinet by custom cabinet makers in Calgary.

5 Mistakes to Avoid During Kitchen Renovations in Calgary NE

Kitchen renovations in Calgary NE may be an exciting renovation job that includes everything from flooring to backsplashes to equipment, but is an equally difficult procedure with many moving parts; it’s easy to miss subtleties that might lead to huge problems later on—and may cause you to go over budget. 

Hence, we consulted with ten experts, including architects, designers, and flooring specialists, to identify the kitchen makeover blunders you should avoid.

Scroll down to see 5 of their deal breakers.

1. Choosing Appliances After The Cabinetry

Experts say it’s a bad idea to pick your appliances after the cabinetry has been built is the most common mistake we all tend to make. Measurements are critical when planning a kitchen, and a one-to-two-inch variation may make or break an installation. As a result, before making cabinet specs, you must know your appliance measurements. This permits the specifications of the appliances to be appropriately taken into account while arranging things down.


How to Get Unique design of Kitchen Cabinet by custom cabinet makers in Calgary.

2. Wiring Kitchen Outlets Incorrectly

Another safety goof to avoid when planning or renovating a kitchen is poorly wiring all of your kitchen outlets to 15 amp breakers. Kitchens should have at least two to three accessible outlets on dedicated 20 amp outlets—ideally, all kitchen counter outlets on dedicated 20 amp outlets. To avoid electrical fires or injury, these outlets should be connected to an Arc fault and ground fault circuit protector.

3. Being Overly Trendy

While we all try to stay up with the current trends, experts warn that trends, by definition, come and go. It is critical not to include too many fashionable components in the design unless they can be simply replaced in a few years. Larger components, such as cabinetry and even worktops, should be designed in a timeless manner so you don’t have to undergo a large makeover when the trend passes. For your stylish selections, they recommend focusing on backsplash tile, cabinet hardware, and lighting.

4. Taking Storage For Granted

In general, most individuals underestimate the amount of storage space available. Apart from the apparent necessity for substantial storage rooms for pots and pans and small kitchen gadgets such as blenders, most homeowners underestimate the amount of space required for other things. Experts advocate adding storage areas like as pull-out spice racks surrounding the stove or under-counter storage on the center island.

5. Assuming That You Can Just Paint Your Cabinets

You may save a lot of money by painting your existing kitchen cabinets (or even the fridge). However, there are a few key concerns you should ask yourself before going this way. Is the existing layout usable? Is the door design out of date? Are the cabinets built from a paintable material?

If you sacrifice practicality for style, you may come to regret your decision in a few years. If you proceed, it is critical to carefully prepare the cabinets or the paint may not adhere effectively.


Bottom Line:

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