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5 Clever Ways to Hide Your Kitchen Appliances You Should Know

Ovens, stovetops, and refrigerators are commonplace, but that doesn’t mean you want them all to be visible all of the time. Similarly, the abundance of countertop appliances—microwaves, coffee makers, blenders, and toasters—that make our lives simpler and are found in almost every kitchen rapidly generate a lot of congested space. And who would want that?

Although appliances may be decorative, they can also be an eyesore. As a result, many homeowners choose for integrated kitchens when remodelling their kitchens, creating functional areas that conceal some appliances beneath matching or complementing cabinet overlays. 

So, innovations in kitchen design with the help of talented NE Calgary Kitchen Designers and variety of storage solutions can help conceal those extras in many ways. The following examples are some of our favourites.


kitchen cabinet in Calgary NE


1. Utilize An Attractive Cabinet Design To Hide Larger Appliances

We can cover standard major appliances, with the fridge and dishwasher being the most popular for appliance overlay panels. Instead of a large box of stainless steel, you see beautiful wood panelling or a splash of color. Appliances are present, although they are less noticeable.

2. Install An Appliance Cabinet

Appliance closets allow you to keep appliances out of sight yet conveniently accessible. You can utilize either a swinging or a lift-up door mechanism with built-in electrical plugs in the cabinet back (typically the backsplash region).

3. Provide Space For Appliance Cubbies

Appliance cubbies are a straightforward twist on the cabinet concept, providing door-free access to the coffee maker, blender, mixer, and toaster. A slide out bottom tray is an option. These cubbies, which work well with open-shelving designs, break up the monotony of cabinet boxes while still complementing the style.

We also enjoy creating nooks at the rear of kitchen islands or behind top cabinets. This design is perfect for an open-concept kitchen because it provides interest and creates a feeling of separation between the two rooms.

4. A Pantry For Appliances Could Be A Great Investment

Appliance pantry storage solutions are highly suggested for the budding chef and/or bakery enthusiast –, the passion of culinary inventiveness makes cooking and baking a popular activity. Cabinets and cubbies may be too difficult to handle if you possess every appliance under the sun. Rather, devote a full pantry – or a major piece of an existing pantry – to appliance organizing.


Looking to conceal your required but unattractive culinary tools? Contact Quality craft Kitchen Cabinets®, Calgary and have word with our amazing team of NE Calgary Kitchen Designers and we’ll make it happen! One of our designers may come to your house and examine your space and give thoughtful recommendations. 

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